University of Ferrara

Ferrara, Italy
Conscious that the University has a fundamental responsibility in its educational activities and that students of today will be the future ruling classes, we are committed to the development of the “Sustainability paradigm” in all its fields of competence: in our academic activities, in scientific research, in the management of structures, in the promotion of sustainable “good practices” by the entire academic and administrative staff and the students, in actions aimed at improving energy efficiency as well as the reduction of waste and pollution.



The University of Ferrara was founded in 1391 by the Marquise Alberto V of Este with the permission of Pope Boniface IX. The first courses to be inaugurated were Arts, Theology and Law and were taught by famous teachers such as Bartolomeo Saliceto, an expert among jurists.


The University of Ferrara is organized into 12 departments and encompasses 47 centres, offering over 50 degree courses and numerous research and postgraduate courses.


Scientific research is one of the essential functions of our University as well as the basis of teaching itself. In all recent Italian public rankings the University of Ferrara is always among the first 10 Italian Universities for Scientific Research.

Master's Programmes

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (2)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Humanities (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)
  • M.Sc. Physics
    Dipartimento delle Risorse Naturali e Culturali
Social Sciences (1)


Student services

  • "Sottotetto" Service - This service, which was designed to help international students find accommodation even before arriving in Ferrara, is offered by the Ferrara Informagiovani database. This way, students will benefit from a huge variety of accommodation options offered by both agencies and private suppliers.
  • Study Method - This is a service for students who wish to be assisted in finding a study method suited to their needs.
  • Psychological Counselling - The service is intended for students who need to tackle psychological problems which can affect their study and performance, through a course of psychological counselling.

Housing services

Unife has selected some agencies which will help you to find accommodation in Ferrara. You can contact them to find out about availability, prices and all the information you need. If you are happy with the accommodation, you can sign the lease agreement directly with the agency

Library services

All libraries share the same on line catalogue, which comprises 1,233,590 titles, including 10,736 antique books, 24,204 videos and 4,135 music recordings.

Medical services

The “Nuovo Sant’Anna” is now an innovative, integrated system linking university services and the public health system, and offering patients the latest, cutting-edge technologies and treatment methods.

Student Life

Campus life

Ferrara is a safe and welcoming open Campus with teaching and research facilities conveniently located in the centre as well as just outside the Renaissance walls.

Ferrara Campus - There is a strong, not only urbanrelated, permeation between the city and the surrounding area. The university centres embrace Ferrara in a large single campus and city life is marked by the presence of young people who spill out of the university into the historic town centre. This connection is also expressed through the many cultural and educational initiatives organised by the university. The attractive city and university welcome students as citizens.

Sports facilities

The mix of these elements are important to foster students' ability to achieve personal and professional success. This is why Unife offers several Extracurricular activities, organized directly or in collaboration with the Municipality and the territory. A special occasions for students to enrich their life on Ferrara Campus, play sports and cultivate new interests.

The wealth of experiences available at Ferrara Campus is open to all students. Please join us in making sure that students' experience of Ferrara Campus is as much about personal development as it is academic.