After several years the University of Picardie was officially decreedon 17th December 1970. In the process leading up to this, numerous obstacles were overcome and eventually the University was able to assert its regional identity.


  • 4 domains: Art, Literature, Language - Law, Economics, Management - Social Sciences - Sciences, Technology, Health
  • 25 Bachelor Degrees
  • 35 Vocational Bachelor Degrees
  • 22 Master Degrees
  • 2 Doctoral Schools 


UPJV's researchers are active in numerous research fields. These fields can be divided into three broad areas : Arts, humanities and scocial sciences, Natural sciences and mathematics, Life and health sciences.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)

Student Life

Campus life

Multi-site located in 6 towns : Amiens - St-Quentin - Cuffies - Soisssons- Laon - Beauvais - Creil