University of Valencia

Valencia, Spain
The university was founded more than five centuries ago by the City’s governing body and has become a modern state university offering teaching in every area of knowledge: experimental sciences; engineering; health sciences; humanities; social, economic and legal sciences; and educational sciences.



 The University was founded in 1499. In 1501, Pope Alexander VI signed the bill of approval and one year later Ferdinand II the Catholic proclaimed the Royal Mandatory Concession.


The widest offer of studies in all fields of knowledge.The university offers degrees in all fields of knowledge (basic and experimental sciences, engineering, health sciences, humanities, education, social, economic and legal sciences):

  • 54 degree qualifications, 6 double degrees and 4 international double degrees
  • 116 Master’s degree qualifications, two of them within the Erasmus Mundus
  • 64 doctoral programmes, 24 of them with an excellence mention


Research with an international impact

  • 2,894 research papers published in the Web of Science Index


Job Offers

The offers are organised in a system of forums and are catalogued according to their profile. New offers incorporated into the careers service are directly sent to all students by email, as it is possible to personalise which offers by email by simply activating or deactivating the announcements system in the forums that match the student's interest profile.

Master's Programmes

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (3)
Business & Management (2)
Computer Science & IT (2)
Engineering & Technology (2)


Student services

Certificates, language tests and training offer

  • Attendance certificate and free-elective credits
  • Language tests
  • Training Offer

Housing services

  • Halls of Residence owned by the University
Halls of Residence are university centres that provide accomodation, preferably for members of the university community, and that promote human, cultural and scientific training for its residents. University residences can be either owned by or affiliated with the university.
  • Affiliated Halls of Residence
Halls of residence affiliated to the University of Valencia, which are those funded by a public or private body other than the University of Valencia.
  • Mixed Halls of Residence

La Asunción de Nuestra Señora" Hall of Residence"Saomar" Hall of Residence

Library services

All libraries (except the Deposit Library) have individual and/or group study areas.You can check the equipment of each library in its website.

  • "Maria Moliner" Education Library
  • "Joan Reglà" Humanities Library
  • "Eduard Boscà" Sciences Library
  • "Pelegri Casanova" Health Sciences Library
  • "Gregori Maians"Social Sciences Library
  • Pharmacy Library
  • "Joan Lluís Vives" Psychology and Sport Library

ICT services

You can access to resources from outside the network, by setting up in the computer the VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows you to work as if you were on the same computer network of the University.In order to use this service it is necessary to have an email account of the UV.

Medical services

International Medical Insurance

This insurance have to cover, at least:
  • Health and medical care, both for accident and sickness.
  • Repatriation or sanitary transfer due to sickness or accident.
  • Repatriation or sanitary transfer in the event of death.
  • Travel for a family member in case of sickness or death.
  • Civil Responsibility.

Student Life

Campus life

All the works undertaken always took into account its use rather than its monumentality. At present, it is the seat of the Historic Library, although with totally renewed infrastructures for studying and researching. It has also become a cultural venue, but its academic life is well rooted with the maintenance of the conference hall and other quarters. A space for culture in University of Valencia, La Nau offers exhibition facilities on a permanent basis. They are adapted to the features of the projects presented. The Matilde Salvador hall is a multi-purpose room for music events and shows. The Sapiència Chapel sometimes hosts concerts and exhibitions.

Sports facilities

  • Outdoors activity: nordic walking, orientation, roller skating, canoeing, archery...
  • Oriental martial arts: aikido, self defense for women, kendo, karate, judo, Shaolin kung-fu, taekwondo, wing tsung, kinomixi...
  • Health and relaxation activities: Xikung, stretching, yoga, taichi, massage, relaxation and self-massaging, siatshu...
  • Expressive, dance and rhythm: aerobics, aerolatin, aerobox, aero-GAC, sport dance, ballroom dance, batuka, bhangra, bolliwood, breakdance, cpoeira, African dance, contemporary dance, classical and neoclassical dance, Oriental dance, flamenco, funky, hip hop, funky-jazz, hip hop, lindy-hop, rock&roll, swing, sevillanes, step, tango.

Student clubs

  • Aids for carrying out socio-cultural activities.
  • Aids for carrying out socio-cultural activities in the framework “Marzo por la Igualdad” (“March for Equality”).
  • Aids for student collectives and associations with representation in the Senate.
  • Aids for the candidatures that present to the election of representatives of the students in the Senate.
  • Aids for Projects of Cooperation, Education for the Development and Sensitivity for student associations and collectives of the Universitat de València.

Other Degrees