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Ever since its foundation at the very start of it the College of Europe has had the mission to make well selected postgraduate students understand the political, legal, economic and international core issues, challenges and potentials of this unique process. This not for art’s sake, but to prepare them for leadership functions requiring a strategic understanding of European issues.



The College of Europe was the world’s first university institute of postgraduate studies and training in European affairs, and remains unique and innovative to this day. Its origins date back to the 1948 Hague Congress.


The College offers postgraduate education in an international environment, resulting in a truly linguistic and cultural diversity.


The Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC) is a research centre of the College of Europe. It was founded on 1 January 2004, aims to promote rigorous legal and economic analysis of competition policy reforms in the EU and globally, and to provide a discussion forum for academics, practitioners, and enforcement officers in the competition field.


The main goals of the Careers Office of the College of Europe are to familiarise students with the European job market and to equip them with the right skills and tools to access it.

The mission of the Careers Office is not to replace students in their own individual job seeking efforts but, throughout the academic year, to support them and advise them on how to, for example, draft a European CV or prepare for an interview. The Office also informs them about the different stages of EU competitions, the meaning of ‘networking’, etc.

Master's Programmes

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Library services

The Libraries of the College of Europe in Bruges and Natolin (Warsaw) are linked to document delivery services and electronic information networks worldwide. A high priority is placed on easy access to electronic information resources and multimedia facilities, with on-line access to the Library catalogues available across both campuses.

Student Life

Campus life

The College of Europe was established in 1949 in Bruges in Belgium. Since 1992 the College has operated on two campuses in two host countries, in Bruges (Belgium) and in Natolin (Poland). Each campus is administered by its respective governing bodies, respectively under Belgian and Polish legislation. In all academic matters, the campuses act under the governance of a single Academic Council.

Student clubs

The Association’s events allow alumni to meet and network. Alumni are regularly invited to take part in conferences, receptions and informal gatherings, but also in cultural activities and sports events. Former students look forward to attend Anniversary-dinners, which reunite them every five years after their graduation.

The Association maintains a database of alumni contact details and publishes an online alumni directory.