Technological Educational Institute of Athens

Athens, Greece
The Technological Educational Institute of Athens is the largest of all TEI' s in Greece situated at Aegaleo, a densely populated suburb of Athens. It has always been at the forefront of developments in technological education.



echnological Educational Institutions (TEI' s) are legal entities, which were founded in 1983 within the framework of Law 1404/1983 in order to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge and background provided by the Greek universities and the demand for highly trained staff who could meet the challenges of the Greek market in technology related fields.


Over 35.000 students attend the four-year courses provided by its Departments and taught by teaching staff committed to maintaining the highest standards in education.

Great emphasis is laid on the curricula of the Departments which are continuously revised in order to keep pace with all the recent developments in technology and to be tailored to the needs of the Greek market.

It comprises five faculties which occupy a complex of buildings on the main campus, though several Departments are situated elsewhere due to the increasing number of students.


The Career Office acts as a liaison between graduates and Greek enterprises in order to facilitate the transition from studies to work. It provides students and graduates with information and advice regarding job openings, training opportunities, post-graduate programmes and scholarships. It often organizes seminars or fairs to familiarize them with the requirements of the Greek market sector.

Master's Programmes


Student services

Counseling is available to all students and members of the teaching or administrative staff with personal, emotional, academic or work problems.

The main purpose of the Service is to awaken all the members of the T.E.I. as regards psychological and social issues which have an impact on our everyday life.

The members of the Service mostly focus on prevention, counseling and conducting research projects.

Library services

The Library of the T.E.I. of Athens was established in 1977. In 2002 it was relocated in a modern two-storeyed building covering an area of 2.520 m2 and since then it has provided its users with the most up-to-date technological achievements and facilities .

Medical services

All the members of the teaching and administrative staff as well as all the students have access to medical services (first aid treatment, medical examinations) provided by physicians appointed the Greek Ministry of Health and Welfare at the T.E.I. Health Centre, which is established in the main campus of the institution.