EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science

Paris, France
EPITA is an engineering school in 5 years which prepares its students for the careers of computing engineering, in the main fields of tomorrow. The pedagogy of the school emphasizes projects, innovation and responsible risk-taking, international exposure and professionalization of its students. An EPITA engineer combines the qualities of a high-level IT expert and a manager opened to the future. He/She allies mastering of the new technologies, the spirit of the innovation, the flexibility of execution, self-knowledge and capacities of leadership in a national environment as international.



Born in 1984, EPITA (from the French Ecole pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées: School of Computer Science & Advanced Techniques) has been steadily gaining a reputation of excellence among multinational companies, which often recruit our students before the end of their studies.


EPITA thrives on global perspectives, cross-cultural cooperation and the rich exchange of ideas that can come only from a dynamic international curriculum, strong exchange programs and active partnerships around the world.

Therefore, EPITA has evolved into one of the country's most dynamic, progressive and forward-thinking learning institutions.
  • EPITA’s Bachelor of Computer Science will prepare students for all sorts of potential jobs in areas as diverse as Software Development, Game Development, IT Project Management, Systems Analysis, Web Development, Computer Security, etc.

  • Master's Program
  • Exchange programs


The EPITA Research and Development Laboratory (LRDE) has gained international recognition through the work of its research staff and collaborations with scientific institutions such as the CNRS (National Council for Scientific Research), INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control), CEA(French Atomic Energy Commission) and leading laboratories worldwide.


Time and again, businesses state that what they most appreciate about EPITA is the spirit of the school, always marked by its closeness to reality: numerous projects, high level internships, and close involvement within the business world.

EPITA alumni apply their professional specialties in areas as varied as software and hardware solutions design, consulting, research and development, networks management.

In short, their skills shine in all aspects of computer engineering. They become amongst other fulfilling jobs: research engineers, project or studies managers, technical directors, consultants, business managers, operations managers or network architects.

Master's Programmes

Computer Science & IT (1)


Student services

The EPITA’s International Student Pack includes:

  • Helping the student finding an apartment
  • Airport pick-up.
  • Housing settling down
  • Orientation week that includes help for housing insurance, opening a bank account, registering at the social security, obtaining the resident visa and card, obtaining public transport subscription, buying mobile sim card, campus orientation and visit including a lunch.
  • Assigning a French student as a mentor to help the students integrate.
  • Integration week (once a year), it includes spending 3 nights off campus somewhere in France.
  • Enrolment fee at EPIWorld for the first year when the student will have the chance to participate in different cultural activities on and off campus.

Housing services

You are a future international student of EPITA, use the school's platform on which you will be able to find:

  • a rental close to the campus
  • your international or French roommate(s) and form shared rentals
  • a subletting
  • a room in a French family (ideal for the experience)

Thousands of accommodations from private owners, halls of residence, real estate agencies, or rooms in private homes, are available close to the school.

ICT services

The Internet connection at the school runs at 1 Gbps (optical fiber), permitting 2,500 work stations to work simultaneously. All facilities are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The whole campus is WI-FI connected, enabling students to use mobile devices anywhere. In addition, Voice over IP (VoIP) is possible throughout the network.

Medical services

  • EU nationals must have a European Health Insurance card issued by the appropriate authorities of their originating country as well as a photocopy of this document (or the E128 form).
  • Non-EU nationals will automatically have to join the French social security system upon registration.

Student Life

Sports facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Piscine de la Butte-aux-Cailles
  • Piscine Municipale Château des Rentiers
  • Amazonia
  • Club Med Gym Italie
  • FitnessParc Pte d'Orléans
  • Energie Forme
    • L'ACA

Student clubs

Covering the scope of the arts, culture, sports, humanitarian work, entertainment, games, technical, media and business, EPITA's students clubs and organizations have been one the unique elements offered to its community. With more than three weekly events gathering on average 80 students, student clubs and organization provide a true venue for students' self-realization.


The International Master of EPITA is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (Ministère de lEnseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche) as a National Masters Degree called Diplôme National de Master (DNM).

Other Degrees