Johannes Kepler University Linz

Linz, Austria
Since its inception in 1966, the JKU has become a successful and innovative center for science, academics and society. Today, the JKU has become one of the largest educational institutions in Upper Austria and enjoys an international reputation not only in conducting base-knowledge research, but also in applied-oriented research.



The institute was installed in the year 2000 as an endowed chair in Austria. The first institute head was Prof. Dr. Alfred Gutschelhofer (since October 2011 head of the Center for Entrepreneurship and applied Business Administration at the University of Graz) and was funded with financial aid from the regional government Upper Austria.


The JKU Linz currently offers over 60 modern academic degree programs and makes extensive efforts to ensure the curricula are up-to-date. The JKU is also a leader in Austria in the field of distance teaching and E-Learning. The university has offered a multi-media program in Law since 2002. The "Multi-Media Studies Services SoWi" program - abbreviated MuSSS - allows students at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics & Business to complete part of their studies via distance learning. In addition, the JKU offers continuing education programs for working students in cooperation with the FernUniversität in Hagen.


Academic research quality is subject to one of the most involved quality control systems that has been developed by one society. With its commitment to the European Charter for Researchers and the guidelines for good scientific practice at the JKU, the JKU strives to secure a high standard of research. The Office of Quality Management and Reporting provides conceptual work toward the development of systematic and documented quality management in relevant areas at the university, coordinating with the Rectorate on behalf of commissioned certification projects.

Master's Programmes

Natural Sciences & Mathematics (10)
Engineering & Technology (6)
Business & Management (3)
Computer Science & IT (3)
Social Sciences (2)
Medicine & Health (1)


Student services

Academic and Student Advising Services/KUSSS SupportThe office of Academic & Student Advising Services is a student support service provided by the Johannes Kepler University. New students can contact the staff for information on general questions regarding academic studies, advising students on how to best organize a program of study and addressing any other questions or concerns students may have.

Housing services

Upon request, the International Office can help organize accommodations at one of the following student residence halls.

  • ESH
  • Johannes Kepler Heim
  • Julius Raab Heim
  • KHG-Heim
  • Wist-Haus Linz
  • Harry's Home Hotel - NEW (Neues Fenster)
  • Akademikerhilfe - BrucknerStudios - NEW (Neues Fenster)
  • Akademikerhilfe - Studentenheim Pulvermühlstraße

Library services

JKU-Library books with signature BWL-11 or BWL-14 are located at our department. However, we don't have a physical library, i.e. not all books are stored in one place. Department members frequently use books for their work and consequently, they may have them in their offices. The easiest way to get access to a required book is by sending an email to

ICT services

IT Services for University Faculty, Staff and Students:

  • TSM Backup Services
  • ATM Cashpoint
  • Printing on Canon Copiers
  • Computer Classes
  • E-Learning
  • E-mail Accounts
  • eWork
  • Forms
  • Standard Hardward and Software
  • Hardware Rental
  • Kepler Card
  • Conference Booking System
  • Contact Addresses

Student Life

Campus life

Campus life is alive and well at the JKU and the list of activities and events are virtually endless! The JKUs well built infrastructure in and around campus creates an academic climate conducive to ensuring that in addition to studies, students can also enjoy recreational and social activities.

Sports facilities

Sports enthusiasts can also find their niche! The University SPORTS Institute (USI) offers a wide range of sport activities and classes for university faculty, staff and students located in close proximity to the campus.

The USI LINZ manages the disciplines of volleyball/beach volleyball, karate, Taekwondo and badminton in particular and is responsible for sending top athletes to international competitions in these areas.

Student clubs

Many students are unfamiliar with the role and responsibilities of the Austrian Student Union (ÖH - Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft) and how the student union is structured.

The Austrian Student Union is a legal entity representing students both on and off campus.

Here is a brief overview of the Student Union's structure as taken from the official Austrian Student homepage.

Federal representatives are responsible for all of Austria and represent students’ interests to federal ministries, political parties, and state organizations.

University representatives represent students’ interests to the university board, external non-academic institutions, and the public.