EOI Business School

Madrid, Spain
A Business School that promotes the value of people in a global economy, based on solidarity, social responsibility and business ethics. A Social School, in which competition does not come in conflict with cooperation. An Open School, that believes change is possible and necessary. A Digital School, where technology is naturally integrated, promoting a participative and collaborative spirit. A Green School, that fosters the transition to a sustainable economy. A Creative School, committed to identify talent. And finally, an Active School, that believes in experience as a relevant source of learning. Nuestra experiencia nos convierte en un referente en la formación en Gestión Empresarial y Medio Ambiente. Nuestro compromiso y visión nos empuja a educar a personas capaces de transformar empresas e iniciar proyectos en un mundo más social, sostenible y digital.



Over the next 10 years, Spain's School for Industrial Organisation EOI will make a valuable contribution to society as a global and open School:


To constantly evolve and adapt to this new changing society, EOI bases its training offering on four basic core themes. Our aim is for the professionals we train to be able, after studying at our school, to conduct business practices and carry out projects based on these four principles. Because we believe these are fundamental keys to understanding contemporary society. Sustainability as a business practice that develops the environmentally-friendly economy. New technologies as a source of global exchange and knowledge enrichment.

Master's Programmes


Library services

To complement your knowledge or research on a particular issue, we have a specialised library from where you can access publications and documents about the economy, environment, sustainability, etc.

ICT services

EOI Spain’s School of Industrial Organisation is a Public Sector Foundation, the highest governing body of which is the Board. The EOI board consists of public sector entities including the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the company red.es and the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDEA).

Medical services

Just for the fact you’re studying with us, you’ll have the peace of mind of accident and liability insurance. We also offer the possibility of hiring an additional policy if you so wish.

Student Life

Campus life

EOI is located in Madrid in an area called "University City" and this name comes from the grouping of several universities, colleges, research centres, etc.