HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Leipzig, Germany
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, founded in 1898, is the oldest business school in German speaking Europe and today ranks among the top business schools in Germany. If you are motivated and looking for a challenge HHL is the right school for you!



HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, founded in 1898 as Germany’s first business school, was the birthplace of modern management education. From its inception, HHL has been committed to rigorous management instruction and research, and quickly developed an international reputation.


  • Strategic and International Management
  • Finance, Accounting and Corporate Governance
  • Economics and Regulation
  • Sustainability and Competitiveness
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship


At HHL, the career service is run by the Employer Relations / Career Service department, which is responsible for gathering all the relevant essential or useful information on which our advice to students is based. Our services begin when the student is admitted to HHL and continues throughout the studies. Additionally, we also offer our alumni advice in all career related questions through our Alumni Career Service.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (2)


Student services

According to the one-campus-concept, all HHL buildings, the HHL library, the sports facilities and a canteen are located in one spot. Some of the student dorms are also located nearby, as are many other cafés and bars. The campus is surrounded by the green banks of the river Weiße Elster and attractive parkland. It takes about five minutes to downtown thanks to the public transport station directly in front of HHL.

Housing services

Compared to other German and European metropoles, accommodation in Leipzig is very reasonable. Many HHL students choose to live in a private apartment or in a shared flat during their stay in Leipzig, while the international students prefer to live in the student dorms, since almost all rooms are furnished. Most of them are located close to the HHL campus and to the city center. The student dorm on the Mainzer Straße is located just five minutes walking distance from the campus.

Library services

The HHL Library comprises about 26,000 textbooks and monographs on business and economics; it subscribes to more than 100 international journals and newspapers and offers more than 40 licensed databases covering more than 60,000 sources.

Student Life

Campus life

Leipzig is one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities in Europe. The Guardian recently described Leipzig as „Germany’s boom-town” and the German newspaper Die Welt confirmed it, calling Leipzig “the city overtaking the rest of the republic”. Located at the crossroads of the historic European trade routes, Leipzig prides itself on its 1,000-year tradition of commercial vitality and on its reputation as a meeting place for science and arts. Beyond its modern infrastructure, what stands out about Germany's fastest growing city is the rapidly expanding economy with its world-famous brands such as Porsche, BMW, DHL and Amazon.

Sports facilities

The center for university sport of the University of Leipzig (Zentrum für Hochschulsport) offers a comprehensive sports program that can be enjoyed by HHL students. You can choose between 420 courses of 150 different sport disciplines at very reasonable prices. The program consists of health, fitness, combat, athletic, climbing, relax and dance courses as well as water and snow sports.

Student clubs

  • Business Students without Borders
  • Energy Club
  • European Ivy League
  • Venture Capital Club


AACSB International: In 2004, HHL's commitment to quality and continuous improvement was confirmed when it received the prestigious accreditation by AACSB International, the top accrediting agency for business schools worldwide. The maintenance of accreditation for a further five years was granted in April 2009.

All study programs accredited by ACQUIN (German accreditation agency).