Paris Descartes University

Paris, France
Besides its multidisciplinary academic teaching and its outstanding research, Paris Descartes University is famous for the wealth of its history and property holding. Its history starts like that of all French universities with its creation within the framework of Edgar Faure legislation. As years went by, various faculties (UFR) were added to the original medical faculty. The University welcomes the general public on National Heritage Days (journées du Patrimoine), and the Musée d'Histoire de la médecine is open for the general public all year round. It was placed from the beginning under the patronage of the philosopher René Descartes and is open to all academic subjects.



Université Paris Descartes was established in 1971, following the division of the University of Paris (circa 1150–1793, 1896–1970)


Paris Descartes University offers training courses in all the important fields of knowledge. This multidisciplinarity allows PDU to offer competitive career-oriented courses and guarantees research excellence.


With its nine Training and research departments (UFR) and its Institute of Technology (IUT), Paris Descartes University encompasses all the fields of knowledge of human and health sciences.


With a vast selection of courses covering all fields of knowledge in human and life sciences (human and social sciences, law, economics and management, life and health sciences, sciences, technology and health sciences), the university offers a wide range of skills to answer your various needs.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (1)
Medicine & Health (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)


Student services

The Students’ Help Desk facilitates your initiatives. You can benefit from financial help to set up a projector even have your involvement in associative lifevalidated within an optional course, which will be taken into account as part of your university studies!

Housing services

The Université Sorbonne Paris Cité has made improving living conditions and the welcome offered to internationally mobile students one of its priorities jointly written in the Campus Life and International Relations section of its Idex programme. On the back of its leading role in carrying out student life public policy, the CROUS de Paris is USPC's key partner for improving access to housing for students and developing their international mobility. To achieve these goals, USPC signed a partnership convention with the CROUS de Paris on 14 April 2015.

Library services

Paris Descartes University houses :

  • a Common Documentation Center made of 11 separate libraries
  • the BIUS Santé , an Inter-University Science Library that comprises two main sites: Odéon Center - documents related to the fields of medicine and odontology, and Avenue de l’Observatoire - documents related to the fields of pharmacy, biology and cosmetology.
  • an online remote access documentation service

Medical services

The inter-university department of Medicine for the prevention and promotion of health (SIUMPPS) is in charge of students’ health.

Students benefit from a special social security regime under certain conditions.

They can also subscribe to a mutual health insurance.

Student Life

Sports facilities

The University offers about forty sport activities! In the programme you will find for instance: football, handball, athletics, tennis, judo, fencing, climbing, and mountain biking or yoga!

Three levels of practice:

  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Competition

Other Degrees