TELECOM Bretagne

Plouzané, France
Telecom Bretagne it is a public institution, under the aegis of the Ministry for Industry and is a member of the Institut Mines-Telecom and the Université européenne de Bretagne (European University of Brittany). The college trains future professionals for careers in industry, services and research.



Founded in 1977, Telecom Bretagne is one of the most prestigious graduate engineering schools ("Grandes Ecoles") in France.


The degrees on offer at Telecom Bretagne are internationally recognized and comply with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA):

  • Master of Engineering (Diplôme d'Ingénieur)
  • MSc in Telecommunications, Networks and Computer Science
  • PhD

Other education programmes such as Continuous Training (information in French) and Post-Master Professional certificates are available at Telecom Bretagne.


Research is one of the essential components of quality training at Telecom Bretagne, ensuring that the students receive the best teaching, access to the school’s research laboratories and training via research.

Telecom Bretagne's 160 research-lecturers regularly win awards for their research in different fields such as Signal Processing, Medical Information Processing, Optics and Microwaves. Their services and expertise are often requested by companies and research bodies.

Telecom Bretagne is the leading research centre inturbocodes,a revolutionary coding system invented in its laboratories and now used in 3G mobile phones and space transmission. This invention won the prestigious Marconi Prize in 2005.


Career Coaching: when students help each other find their career

Our first professional identity is determined by the choice of the final year internship or first job. This choice will later have an impact on lifestyle. Working in London in the City or in the industrial environment in France will not necessarily mean the same lifestyle (place of residence, professional network, standard of living, career opportunities …). At Telecom Bretagne we have taken the importance of this “first choice” into account. We offer students the co-orientation method, a career coaching device initiated by Mines de Paris.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (6)
Computer Science & IT (4)
Business & Management (3)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (3)
Arts, Design & Architecture (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)
Journalism & Media (1)


Student services

The International Officeprovides the students with all thesupportandadvicethey need when having international perspectivesas part of their education. This concerns those who are already registered in our institution and wish to have an experience abroad, as well as visiting students who have chosen Telecom Bretagne via anexchange programmeor asindividual candidates.

Housing services

All students are offered the possibility of campus accommodation in the Student residences.

The Brest campus has 465 single rooms and 37 studios, organised in comfortable residences with well equipped kitchens.

The Rennes campus has 97 rooms and studios of the same type as Brest.

Library services

The libraryon the Brest campus has...

  • A scientificcollection:20,000books, 100 journals, theses, internship reports ...
  • Access tomanyelectronic resources: databases,online journals,e-books,...
  • Culturalcollection:novels, documentaries, cartoons, children's books, magazines.
  • Help with locating the book or document you want
  • A place for work and for leisure

Student Life

Campus life

Telecom Bretagne has two campuses (Brest and Rennes) with an excellent teaching record and internationally-renowned research activities. One of its greatest successes has been turbocodes for which Prof C. Berrou won the Marconi Prize in 2005. It also has a large network of academic partners, in France and abroad.

Conditions for studying are ideal with a beautiful main campus by the sea, with full student facilities.

The Telecom Bretagne campus in Rennes is located in the Rennes-Atalante Technology Park along with other important R&D centres in the Information Technologies sector (France Telecom R&D, France Telecom Transpac/Equant, Alcatel, Canon...).

Sports facilities

  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Indoor football
  • Volley ball
  • Handball
  • Roller-skating
  • Dancing
  • Stretching
  • Aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics
  • Step
  • Tae kwon do
  • Body-building and related activities