Top 3 reasons to study here

  • The strength of Wageningen University & Research lies in its ability to join the forces of specialised research institutes and Wageningen University.
  • The scientific quality of Wageningen University & Research is affirmed by the prominent position we occupy in international rankings and citation indexes.
  • We provide professional training and have facilities available.



1876 - Wageningen University: The state takes over the local council's Agricultural College in Wageningen: the start of National Agricultural Education in The Netherlands.


  • Wageningen University offers 20 bachelor programmes in the domain of healthy food and living environment. A Bachelor of Science at Wageningen University takes three years.
  • Wageningen University offers a wide range of BSc Minors for students from Wageningen University, other universities and for HBO students.
  • Master programmes
  • Wageningen University is extending its campus by offering online masters and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) as well as professional education by distance learning.
  • Wageningen University & Research offers both short courses as well as more elaborate post-graduate study programmes.
  • PhD Programmes


The Research Institutes of Wageningen University & Research carry out application-oriented and field-based research. They are commissioned by the government, commercial businesses and non-profit organisations. On a research project there is often collaboration between several institutes. Collaboration is often also sought with the university and/or national or international partners.

  • Alterra
  • Central Veterinary Institute
  • Centre for Development Innovation
  • Food & Biobased Research
  • LEI
  • Livestock Research
  • Applied Plant Research (PPO)
  • Plant Research International
  • Wageningen University & Research Greenhouse Horticulture


Come to the Netherlands, start working for Wageningen University & Research. We would be very proud to welcome you as our new employee in Wageningen or in one of our 32 locations.

Master's Programmes

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (14)
Agriculture & Forestry (10)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (7)
Applied Sciences & Professions (6)
Social Sciences (4)
Computer Science & IT (3)
Engineering & Technology (3)
Arts, Design & Architecture (2)
Business & Management (2)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)


Student services

Wageningen University & Research offers international students and staff a number of facilities and services which will help you make the most of your time here.


  • Student Service Centre
  • Student counselor
  • Student psychologist
  • Confidential adviser
  • Studying with a disability
  • Country representatives

Housing services

Wageningen University has several groups of international students. We understand that it is very hard to look for your own place in a different country. Below you can find information how to apply for a room.

Idealis (the main student housing corporation in Wageningen), is the allocating authority for all rooms of Idealis and Wageningen University together. Idealis provides prospective students with information about the application procedure. If you are a prospective student, please wait for Idealis to contact you by email.

Library services

Wageningen University & Research Library has a strong focus on digital collections and we offer world wide access to our collections for Wageningen University & Research users, but restricted to certain conditions of use. Besides our digital collections, a large print collection is available at the Forum and Leeuwenborch buildings.

ICT services

The libraries also have student PCs and WiFi throughout.

Medical services

The Dutch healthcare system is likely to be different from the healthcare system in your home country. Here you can find more about the Dutch healthcare system, for instance how to contact a GP, how to arrange a health insurance. The video shows the differences our students and staff members were faced with, when they first came into contact with healthcare professionals in the Netherlands.

Student Life

Campus life

On Wageningen Campus, we know full well that sharing knowledge is as important as developing knowledge and are convinced this is the key to truly innovative solutions to the global problems of our time.

That is why Wageningen Campus is designed as a meeting place for researchers, new and established entrepreneurs and students in the field of nutrition and food production, living environment and health. Wageningen Campus consists of two locations: the Wageningen University & Research buildings themselves and the Business & Science Park.

Sports facilities

Sports Centre de Bongerd (SCB) is the sports centre for students and employees of Wageningen University & Research. SCB stands for working out and doing sports in a sensible way, with something for everybody.


RIKILT is accredited for the organization of Proficiency Tests by the Dutch Accreditation Council since 2006. The accreditation is based on ISO/IEC 17043:2010 and covers the quality system of the organisation as well as all the parameters mentioned in the scope.

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