The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS) of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) is the world's leading center for the study of Cultural Diplomacy, offering educational and professional development opportunities for individuals, interested in pursuing further education and careers in academia, diplomacy, government, and/or the private sector, related either wholly or in part to the field of Cultural Diplomacy.



Since 1999 we have worked hard to raise awareness of the field of cultural diplomacy and bring together in sustainable networks individuals from diverse cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds.

Since 2011, the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy has developed MA and PhD graduate programs offered in partnership with University Babes-Bolyai, University of Bucharest and the University of Siena.


The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies programs are divided into the following categories: Distance Learning Courses, Professional Development Certificate Programs, and Degree Programs in Cultural Diplomacy.

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies’s faculty and advisory members have worked intensively and collectively to design innovative degree programs that provide a unique approach to the study of the fields of international relations, global economics, intercultural relations, art & culture, globalization and global governance.

The programs are unique and innovative in their content and approach and offer professional development in cultural diplomacy and related fields.


The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies is dedicated to the research and teaching of the theory and the practice of cultural diplomacy in the context of international relations. In the classrooms, as well as during other events and programs of the Center, we bring students and participants from all over the world together with high-level experts and practitioners from the fields of cultural diplomacy, international relations and politics, economics, and beyond, (ranging from Heads of State and Ministers, to academics and celebrities), which gives students and participants the chance to learn from their tremendous experience and diverse perspectives and opinions.


The programs prepare students for evolving careers in public as well in private international sectors. We see demand, from governmental institutes, nongovernmental organizations up to the private sector.

The ICD seeks to strategically align the student with specific contacts and professional opportunities that could lead to direct employment for the students upon completion of their MA thesis. We support and introduce our students to our worldwide extended network, advisory board and speakers to our events.

Graduates work in a wide range of positions: in the European commission, Amnesty International, Film Festivals, Governmental positions, embassies, some in the private sector, some proceeded to PHD studies.


Student services

At The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies we know that choosing where to study is not solely about where you might find the most challenging and inspiring academic environment, but also where you are going to get the opportunity to make the most out of your time outside of the classroom, too. Whilst The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies guarantees students a course that is going to be stimulating and enriching, we also have an extensive program of social activities designed to give you the best out of your time in this incredible city.

Housing services

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies tries to offer as much support and guidance as possible to make the process of moving to Berlin a smooth and comfortable one.

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies is able to support students with subsidized accommodation for the duration of the student’s stay in Berlin, with accommodation options starting at approx. 200 Euro per month including utilities, depending on the location and size. The accommodation is usually provided in 2-4 room apartments, when the students are sharing the apartment with another student.

Library services

Students have access to the online library of the university responsible for the program in addition to access to University Library in Berlin and small Library at the ICD facilities.

ICT services

The ICD has in-house Technical team to provide internet related services to the students. Internet is available free of charge in the facilities for all students.

Student Life

Campus life

There is nowhere quite like Berlin. Few other cities have played such an instrumental role in global affairs over the past 100 years. It has been, in every sense of the word, a battleground; not just for armies, but for the ideas and philosophies that are the very foundations of politics and society.

Berlin remains a cultural extravaganza to this day, with young people from across Europe flocking to the former Eastern part of the city: Cheap accommodation, a thriving cultural and artistic scene, and a vibrant nightlife await them.