Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Tampere, Finland
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is one of the biggest and most popular higher education institutions in Finland. At TAMK you will be a member of a vivid, multicultural community of 10,000 people. You will learn side by side with hundreds of degree students and exchange students from all over the world – guided and counselled by an expert staff of over 700.



Although we are a relatively young university of applied sciences (new TAMK was formed in 2010) our education goes over 100 years back. It all started from the first four classes of engineers and has later branched out to cover fields from nursing and biomedical laboratory science all the way to music production, hotel and restaurant management and international business.


TAMK offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business administration, media, forestry and engineering with an attractive array of unique programmes to fulfil your dreams and give you the joy of discovery! You can be a high-school graduate looking for a bright future, or a professional in your field looking for ways to expand your knowledge and skills. You can nurture your entrepreneurial skills in our Y-campus together with genuine working-life partners. You can pick and choose cross-institutional studies from the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology to gain a leg-up on the competition.


As a university of applied sciences we offer students a hands-on experience from the start. TAMK has on-campus laboratories, an innovation centre and simulation labs to give you time to apply the latest research to actual practical use together with real working life partners. Demola Tampere carries out annually some 100 projects with 450 students. 40 % of the students are international. The partner companies have licensed 80 % of the project outputs and recruited 15 % of Demola’s students. Our Mediapolis campus shares facilities with the National Broadcasting Company YLE.


TAMK alumni are joint in a worldwide community, whom we keep in touch with. We proudly share student stories on our website and update news of successful alumni on both social media and our publications both in Finland and internationally

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (3)
Arts, Design & Architecture (1)
Education & Training (1)
Humanities (1)
Social Sciences (1)


Student services

TAMK offers students extensive services, from on-campus libraries, shops and cafés to a dedicated social counsellor for international students. Your studies at TAMK are facilitated throughout by highly educated and dedicated staff, who will all aim at securing the best possible future for you. Study counsellors in TAMK schools will assist in planning your personal path through studies, career services will work with you to secure training placements and preparing your CV for entering the workforce.

Housing services

In Tampere there are several student housing associations, which handle all incoming students from all over Finland and abroad. Students can choose to share a flat to save costs (rent approx. 300€/month/person). The rent includes electricity, hot water, and the use of sauna and laundry facilities. The rooms assigned to new foreign students are usually furnished with a bed, a mattress, a table and a chair. Most flats have an Internet connection, and the usage fee is often included in the rent. If you get an unfurnished room, TAMK's social councellor can help you acquire basic furniture after you arrive in Tampere.

Library services

Our library is an open library with the primary goal of serving TAMK students and staff. In addition to the traditional function of lending books, the staff will also guide you by hosting workshops on a variety of themes on and around information and research. The library serves you on all campuses, with a specialized collection and staff dedicated to the specific study subjects in the lead role on campus

ICT services

TAMK follows a BYOD policy (bring your own device) so you should have a personal computer for studies. All key online services can be used with a web browser and mobile-friendly user interfaces are co-created with students on a daily basis. TAMK offers MS Office ProPlus free of charge and F-Secure SAFE inexpensively (5 eur / year). On campus you have free wi-fi and mobile printing.

Medical services

All TAMK students are entitled to use general student health care services, whether they are degree students or exchange students. Using specialist medical services can be extremely expensive in Finland; therefore, TAMK strongly recommends that every foreign student should obtain personal health insurance.

Student Life

Campus life

The campus is a nearly 24/7 experience – your days will not only consist of lectures and essays. Students work in small groups in the library or the Open Lab or Y-campus facilities, choosing the best time for co-creation and collective sharing. TAMK campuses have restaurants and cafés that offer meals from breakfast to dinner for a very affordable price (e.g. lunch is 2,60 € for a full meal) - thanks to The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, who subsidize student cafeterias.

Sports facilities

Unipoli Sport provides high-quality, versatile and equal sports services for university students and personnel in the Tampere region. You can use three campuses' services for just one fee (68-78 € / year). Unipoli Sport's services are open to all 35 000 TAMK, TUT and UTA students and the universities’ 4 500 employees. All personnel, postgraduate students and students registered as present can use the services throughout the year

Student clubs

Tamko is the Students' Union for all TAMK students. The Finnish Students' Unions are recognized and regulated by the law on Universities of Applied Sciences. The basic task of Tamko is to represent the students within the TAMK administration and to improve their studies as well as social conditions. Tamko also organizes tutoring, sports services and other leisure activities.

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