Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing

Leiden, Netherlands
Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing was found in November 2008 in Netherlands. It is a knowledge centre. It has education and research programme in the arena of ageing, vitality and geriatric medicine. The main goal of the university is to enhance the quality of life of older people. A Medical Master programme Vitality and Ageing has been offered for the students. It also offers an international research programme on ageing in the Netherlands, France, the United States, Sweden and Japan. This institution is a joint venture of of Leiden University Medical Center and Vereniging AEGON.



Education is a core activity of Leyden Academy. We focus on various target groups: from young medical doctors to experienced healthcare managers, and from students to seniors. We offer a diverse range of courses, supported by an international and multi-disciplinary network of teachers.


As an academic knowledge institute, Leyden Academy conducts scientific research on various topics focussed upon vitality and ageing. We use a multi-disciplinary approach and combine biological, sociological, anthropological, psychological, economic and/or medical perspectives.Our research is founded upon close contact with (inter)national institutions, and have both national and international focus.

Master's Programmes