The University of Bucharest is a leading academic centre and a significant point of reference in society, and it adheres to the principles of academic integrity and critical thinking. The University is one the leading higher education institutions in Romania and South-East Europe by actively contributing through research and teaching to the development and use of knowledge.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Academic excellence: UB is the ranked as the first University in Romania.
  • Strong sense of community: Our international alumni community generates an auspicious environment for debating ideas and elaborate new research areas.
  • Location: Our University is located in the heart of once known Little Paris.



The University of Bucharest is rich in history and has been actively contributing to the development and modernisation of Romanian education, science and culture since 1694.


The University of Bucharest offers numerous study programs, from Bachelor degrees to PhD programmes, as well as lifelong learning programmes and Erasmus programmes.

The University of Bucharest offeres undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in social sciences and humanities, and natural sciences. The University consists of nineteen Faculties, each specialised in an academic field.

The University's Faculties are the following: Mathematics and Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Geology and Geophysics, Business and Administration, Law, History, Sociology, Psychology and Education Sciences, Political Sciences, Philosophy, Journalism, Letters, Foreign Languages and Literature etc.


Research Results:

  • Research Contracts;
  • General and Financial Information regarding the contract with UB;
  • Autoevaluation Report;
  • Annual Research Report;
  • Publications of the University of Bucharest;
  • Scientific Journals available online;
  • Access to international data base;

Research Centers:

  • Research Laboratories;
  • BCUB;
  • Research Centers

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (8)
Business & Management (4)
Humanities (2)
Law (2)
Education & Training (1)
Journalism & Media (1)


Student services

IRO co-ordinates the internationalisation process within the UB. It suprevises all the in-coming and out-going academic and research exchanges developed by the University of Bucharest.

In this context, its main responsabilities are monitoring and counselling the international independent undergraduate and postgraduate students, the foreign guest lecturers, the Romanian UB students and teaching staff who wish to study abroad. IRO promotes the scholarships on higher education offered by the Romanian Government and organises the Doctor Honoris Causa awarding ceremonies. It also organises the UB summer school, at Sinaia.

Housing services

UB has 18 student accommodation buildings with the capacity to host over 5,300 students and 2 cafeterias. Our University has numerous libraries which harbour thousands of books and volumes. Students have the possibly to benefit from state-of-the-art laboratories.

ICT services

Nowadays, the Internet has become one of the main communication and information facility of the modern world. The number of Internet users grows constantly. In Romania there are several companies that provide services of this kind. The easiest way to rapidly access the web is used in the Internet-cafes in every town of the country.

Student Life

Campus life

Bucharest is a vibrant and energetic metropolis. The Universitys buildings are surrounded by cafés and restaurants and parks which come in handy for much-earned study breaks.

Student clubs

The University has more than 25 student associations and organizes numerous student events and academic conferences.

Other Degrees

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